Creating Your Own Vintage, Retro, and Aged Photography Effects

It’s no surprise that “vintage” style photos are becoming more popular everyday, especially with the advent of smartphone apps equipped with myriads of retro camera effects, filters, and settings. Phone cameras are convenient and vintage photo apps are a breeze, enabling the most novice of photographers and photo editors to create awesome looking pictures.

But what if you want to apply these styles to pre-existing pictures, or you prefer using a different camera, or you don’t want to compromise the quality of size and resolution? There are a variety of resources out there for you to transform regular photographs into stunning styles of your choice. Today we’ll show you a handful of basic Photoshop tutorials that show you easy methods for achieving these popular effects. In future posts, we will cover more information about the techniques and equipment that most of these styles are based off of.


Basic Vintage or Aged Photoshop Tutorials:
These tutorials are great starting points for basic vintage and retro Photoshop effects.


Split Toning Photoshop Tutorials:
These tutorials cover a couple of Photoshop methods to achieve a split toning effect. Split toning is often described as being similar to “black and white” but with a mix of muted warm and cool tones in your photograph.

Cross Process Photoshop Tutorials:
These tutorials cover Photoshop techniques for cross process effects. Cross processing is when photographs are intentionally developed with the incorrect chemicals, creating a really unique style.

Lomo/Lomography Photoshop Tutorials:
These tutorials cover Photoshop techniques for Lomo or Lomography effects. LOMO actually refers to a specific brand, and the styles that have become associated with it are generally that of cross processing and other techniques.

Holga Photoshop Tutorials:
These tutorials cover Photoshop techniques for “Holga” effects. Holga is a toy camera that produces cool funky effects.


That wraps up our introduction to Photoshop vintage and retro effect tutorials. Stay tuned for more photo editing articles, and expansion on some of the topics mentioned here. For those that would rather not go through all these steps on their own in Photoshop, we suggest taking a look at our line of impressive Nik products, which are perfect for applying a variety of amazing high quality filters to your photographs in Photoshop.

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